Document(file) Storage abstraction for golang


  • Single Basic Interface for storing and retrieving documents
  • Store and retrieve documents based on keys
  • Implementations
  • Amazon S3
  • File system

Getting Started


 go get


Storage Creation

// Creates new Storer backed by a file system
var storage docstore.Storer = docstore.NewFileStore("/Volumes/storage")

Storing a document

// Prepares putObj with ioreader and Identifier
file, _ := os.Open(fileName)
putObj := docstore.CreateObj{
  Identifier: fileName,
  ReadSeeker: file,
//store the photo
//errors ignored
id, err := storage.Put(putObj)

Retrieving a document

getObj, _ := storage.Get(fileName)

newFile := os.Create("newFile.jpg")
defer newFile.Close()
defer getObj.Close()
numBytes, err := io.Copy(newFile, getObj)


  • Pull requests welcome
  • Feel free to add new docstore.Storer Implementations


Released under the MIT License

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